Monday, 13 November 2017

BCD to HEX conversion in 8085 Micoprocessor

bcd to hex conversion in 8085

1. Initialize memory pointer to 4150 H
2. Get the Most Significant Digit (MSD)
3. Multiply the MSD by ten using repeated addition
4. Add the Least Significant Digit (LSD) to the result obtained in previous step
5. Store the HEX data in Memory


     LXI H,5000
     MOV A,M      ;Initialize memory pointer
     ADD A        ;MSD X 2
     MOV B,A      ;Store MSD X 2
     ADD A        ;MSD X 4
     ADD A        ;MSD X 8
     ADD B        ;MSD X 10
     INX H        ;Point to LSD
     ADD M        ;Add to form HEX
     INX H
     MOV M,A      ;Store the result

Data 0: 02H in memory location 5000
Data 1: 09H in memory location 5001
Data 0: 1DH in memory location 5002