Friday, 7 December 2012

Some Short Questions Self Test

Q>Differentiate between Microprocessor and Microcomputer?

Q>What is an interrupt?

Q>Draw and explain the block diagram of 8085.

Q>List the function of ALU.

Q>What is the function 
of READY Pin?

Q>List the name of interrupt signal in 8085.

Q>What is the need of demultiplexing of address bus and data bus in 8085?

Q>A processor has 16 MB memory, how many address lines are required to access this memory.

Q>Add the two hex number 24H and FFH. and also tells about the flag status.

Q>Why are the AD0-AD7 lines multiplexed?

Q>Name the register pair that can be used for 16 bits data.

Q>Define the signals used in 8085 microprocessor.