Friday, 7 December 2012

All Addressing Modes in 8085 Microprocessor With Example

Addressing Modes in 8085
There are five addressing modes in 8085.

1. Immediate Addressing Mode: - An immediate is transferred directly to the register.

Eg: - MVI A, 30H (30H is copied into the register A)

          MVI B,40H(40H is copied into the register B).

2. Register Addressing Mode: - Data is copied from one register to another register.

Eg: - MOV B, A (the content of A is copied into the register B)

          MOV A, C (the content of C is copied into the register A).

3. Direct Addressing Mode: - Data is directly copied from the given address to the register.

Eg: - LDA 3000H (The content at the location 3000H is copied to the register A).

4. Indirect Addressing Mode: - The data is transferred from the address pointed by the data in a register to other register.

Eg: - MOV A, M (data is transferred from the memory location pointed by the regiser to the accumulator).

5.Implied Addressing Mode: - This mode doesn't require any operand. The data is specified by opcode itself.